Drew enthusiastic Game Show Host

It seems like Hollywood is intent on turning every sitcom and series in TV history into a big-screen adaptation, usually with underwhelming results. But our friends at Revolution Studios have finally hit the nail on the head in their decision to give the Tinseltown treatment to 80’s sitcom staple “Perfect Strangers“, with Bruce Willis and Halle Berry in the starring roles.

But I’m a little confused about one thing: even though there was always a sexual subtext between roommates Larry and Balki, are the filmmakers throwing a crazy gender-bending twist into the equation and having Halle Berry play Balki as a female? If so, there could be an amazing love scene where the two roommates finally address the sexual tension between them, giving Halle another chance to set the screen on fire like she did in Monster’s Ball.

“Larry, make me feel gooooood!”