Drew enthusiastic Game Show Host

Well the long-awaited trailer for Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull is finally out, and after spending half its running time flashing back in the franchise and reminding us how important it is, we’re finally treated to our first moving images from what is probably the most anticipated film of the 2008 blockbuster season. Dr. Jones apparently still has just one outfit. He’s still all smart-mouthy, maybe even more so because he’s also old and cranky. Nazis and South American savages are still out to get him. The LeBeouf is basically playing the Short Round sidekick role. There appears to be plenty of adventure. We’ll all undoubtedly see it. So what do you guys think?

“Plaxico Burress”: The New FAIL?

By Cory Cavin

For at least the rest of this week, Plaxico Burress - the NY Giants wide receiver who shot himself in the leg by accident and got himself suspended - will be taking 30% of all headline real estate. I expect at least 3 Lettermen Top Ten lists about him, 2 Conan O’Brien bits, a more Daily Show segments covering his newsmaking. And while questions get sorted out about why he had a gun in his sweatpants/holster (same thing), a question for the internets is burning: Will Burress’ name be the new term for FAIL?

Thinking I was surely days old on this theory, I clicked over to the sanctuary of holy internet language, Urban Dictionary, and was surprised to find that the only definition associated with the name Plaxico was a verb meaning to snag a pass from someone due to your size over theirs.