While You Were Questioning The Truth About CharLie

Bon Jovi has made history by becoming the first rock band to top the US Country charts. And just like that, shouting along to “Living On A Prayer” becomes a little less fun for everybody at the Jersey Shore.

A woman claiming to be Charlie Sheen’s ex-girlfriend is suing him for using their romance as a storyline on Two & A Half Men. Lawyers are said to be avoiding the case because nobody wants to actually sit down and watch Two & A Half Men.

Organizers of an Austrian music festival are worried that there will be problems if Pink and Paris Hilton cross paths. It would probably be the worst thing to happen at the festival, right behind watching Pink or Paris Hilton perform.

Forget about playing M:I3 on your Playstation at home– Tom Cruise does not lend his likeness to video games. Because The Cruise is all about living in reality, man. Now can somebody pass him his E-Meter?

Keira Knightley has been named “The World’s Sexiest Woman” according to an FHM poll of the British public. Americans concede that the British got this one right… but we’re still not going along with the whole soccer thing, okay?